Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hydrogen on Demand

Water4Gas is dedicated to helping you save fuel and eliminate pollution using hydrogen from water.
Water4Gas is the original hydrogen-on-demand company created by Ozzie Freedom. We are leading the water-fuel movement across the globe by educating millions of people on how to easily and inexpensively convert any car or truck into a "water-hybrid".
Using simple technologies that have existed for many years, but have been suppressed, Water4Gas has made it possible for anyone to safely supplement fuel, save money and help the environment. We have grown to become the industry leader in Hydrogen-On-Demand technology.
With new members joining every day, Water4Gas have grown to become an industry leader.
Safe hydrogen from water reduces exhaust emissions,
Cleans the air,
Boosts power,
Improves fuel economy.

On this site you can:
Discover how to make hydrogen from water safely and inexpensively.
Using our web-based selection guide, find professional products and installers, from a variety of companies.
Become a Member to help the planet and earn extra income!

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