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What can YOU do about insane gas prices?
Let's start from the end - happy mileage. That's what we all want! To pay less at the pump. Is that what you want too? Wouldn't it be nice to ALSO clean up the atmosphere, prevent global warming - and enjoy a smooth ride?
I'm driving a Toyota Corolla 1999. According to the EPA (the guys in charge of protecting the environment in the USA) my car is supposed to do 25 MPG in the city - up to 33 MPG on the highway. The photos below (taken a few seconds apart with cruise control at 52 MPH) show my performance on the 101 freeway: an average of 63.1 MPG. The actual gas consumption was found to be very close to the readout: 61.13 MPG. Is that good or what? Well, my car has a Water4Gas system that I've built and installed myself. And I'm not a mechanic. More on Water4Gas system as this course rolls down.

If you think there are camera tricks here, you should test it in your own vehicle and find out the truth.
I'm sure you have asked yourself some disturbing questions, such as:
• If all this is so great, then why don't the major automakers incorporate these low-cost devices in their car designs?
• Don't they want to sell more? They'll be able to sell more cars if they'd make them more efficient!
• How come they don't teach these things at school?
• How come the media doesn't tell us about it?
These are good questions! You ARE a thinking man. You are NOT stupid. Unfortunately somebody else is stupid. That is to say, short sighted. What happens in actual fact is that the auto factories are not independent. They are directed and controlled by greater forces of economy and other vested interests. Short sighted, yet powerful (filthy rich, that is) businessmen, direct the general flow toward lower and lower gas economy. They want you to waste gas.

That's the reason for all those gas hogs on the road. Lately they dropped in sales because people are starting to realize what a trap they have been led into: temporarily affordable gas prices, and giant SUV's pushed on us as the fashionable thing to have; the automakers and the advertising machine that serves them have pushed everybody and his wife to purchase a great “Sport Utility” vehicle that never sees any more sport than hurrying up to a show-off party or shopping at the mall.
We've been conditioned to think “performance”, and we started to think in terms of “GOOD VEHICLE equals FANCY equals BIG AND STRONG equals SHOW OFF equals HORSEPOWER” and so forth. Look at the endless stream of TV ads for huge vehicles and luxury sports cars. Nobody is trying to sell mileage.
They want you to waste gas and they want engines to run hot and burn valves and pistons and lubricating oil, and they want the systems in your vehicle to clog itself up with unburned fuel. THEY THINK THEY WILL SELL MORE CARS THAT WAY AND IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING FOR THEM. For a while, only for a while (short sighted, I said) because they are destroying the economy and the planet for their own sons and daughters.
Automakers know they have poorly designed vehicles – and the fact that every car MUST have, by law, a large and expensive catalytic converter - is an admission that they don't burn gasoline correctly in those new designs. The function of the catalytic converter is to burn AND WASTE all the unburned fuel - caused by poor engine design!!!
George Wiseman from Eagle Research, Canada, says:
Fuel injection systems are actually designed to prevent efficient combustion!
Dennis Lee from Better World Technologies, USA, says:
The computerized fuel injection system is a gatekeeper that is designed to prevent after market devices that are designed to improve fuel economy. If you wonder why Detroit would be involved in that, unburned fuel eventually wears down engines so they do not last much past the warrantee. They call it “planned obsolescence”.
Lou LaPointe from Bright Technologies, USA, calls this planned behavior "Detroit Fever". He says:
...they have sabotaged newer car computers with programming to detect high mileage and then RICHEN the mixture so you cannot maintain high mileage.
...The problem became known as Detroit Fever. The cause was the anti-mileage computer programming in new cars...the problem grows worse every year because they know they can get away with it by selling horsepower.
...the catalytic converter HIDES the fact of bad Thermal Efficiency from the car owner...You will be forced to buy a new car sooner. This situation is a direct violation of the Clean Air Acts passed in recent years.
...The fact that you are not getting good mileage is not because your car has but limited economy. It is because your car programming simply will not allow it.
...whenever you make some mileage-improving change to your engine and/or to the fuel it is swallowing, your on-board computer will eventually detect the good MPG change and reverse it. Yes, that is true. Although it may take a tank or so of gas before the computer figures out what was done, it will eventually richen the mixture again, effectively snuffing out any temporary good mileage boost you may have gained. Luckily, there is a simple cure...You can get good mileage and help save Earth next week, next month--rather than years from now.

Cars developed in Japan are more mileage- and environment-friendly, but are not fantastically better. There is actually not ONE really good car in all those glittering show rooms around town. Electric hybrids, you said? I hear you. Those are fantastic and quiet in the parking lot, gliding near you with barely a whisper. But on the highway they are in the same stinking ballpark as everybody else.
According to a recent study by, a worldwide research group, since 1908 and the Ford-T, the average mileage DROPPED by almost 40%!
While every other technology soared through the roof during these past 100 years - MPG has become twice as bad. Do you see a pattern yet?
And when you see that all this is happening in spite of severe warnings against planetary destruction and oil dependability being a national hazard, you can clearly see that we're dealing with criminals. In positions of power, but criminals just yet. To rely upon them to correct the situation is a big waste of time. Why? Because once they have done a crime, they MUST continue to do it in order to justify their actions. They have no plans to correct their car designs any time soon.
Have you watched the movie “who killed the electric car?” It is not a new scene. For many years, from time to time a too-good of a design slips by their watchful eye into the market. Soon after, that model is recalled and disappears (it's not ancient history – Toyota's 100-MPG Eco Spirit has been “erased” only a couple years ago). They know what they are doing.
YET SO DO WE. We know what we are doing – we are filling up the gap LEFT BY AUTOMAKERS, and we're doing it by detecting and testing any doable and affordable gas economy trick under the sun; but not only that - we also teach it to others! This is a grassroots movement that will win by numbers. Quiet numbers of DOERS, not TALKERS.
We ask you to lead the way and show the way to your friends, your family and the people of your country. Your family's future relies on what you do here and now.

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